wedding dress styles

Are you the type of bride who doesn’t have any idea of what kind of you want? We’ll show you the most popular styles that are timeless.

With so many options available, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed. But we’ll show you an overview of popular styles and the body types they are ideal for.

Before you set an appointment with a bridal salon it’s good if you already have an idea of the styles you like.

Here are the most popular styles:

Different Necklines

1 – Asymmetric

Wedding dresses with asymmetric neckline have a sleeve only on one side.

If you want to show off your flawless shoulders without exposing too much, you’ll like dresses with this kind of neckline.

2 – Sweetheart 

Wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline are a popular and classic look that brides love. It forms a heart across the chest that gives you a feminine and charming look.

It’s good for showing off a bit of cleavage.

3 – Halter 

Dresses with halter neckline make your shoulders look sexy. If you want to show off your toned arms and bare your back, you might want to consider this type of dress.

4 – High Neck 

If you want to go for a modest look, check out wedding dresses with a high neckline. The fabric goes all the way to the neck and has a mock collar.

5 – Square 

If you are well-endowed, this is a good choice for your wedding dress’ neckline. It can flatter your bust area without being too revealing.

It gives an illusion of broader shoulders.

6 – Boat Neck

Wedding dresses with a straight neckline follow your shoulders from side to side.

It’s another option if you want a modest neckline.

wedding dress styles


7 – A-line 

A-line dresses look like the letter ‘A’. They are tight at the top and gradually becomes wider as it goes down.

Then it flares from the waist, going down.

If you have a pear-shaped body, this is one of the best wedding dress types for you.

8 – Ballgown 

If you dream of looking like a princess on your wedding day, this is your dream wedding dress.

It has a narrow bodice and flares from your waist to the hem of the full skirt.

Designers say it goes well with any body type.

9 – Column Dress

Like a column, this type of wedding dress is straight and narrow from the top to the hem of your dress.

If you’re a tall and slim bride, go for it. Not everyone can rock this type of dress.

10 – Empire

The waistline of an empire dress is above the stomach and under the bust.

This type of wedding dress is good for concealing some extra weight on the belly, on the waist, and on the hips.

The attention is drawn above the hem where it fits snuggly, then the skirt flows freely below the empire waistline.

11 – Fishtail Dress

Fishtail wedding dresses are tight on your body from the top until just above your knees. The flare starts from the knees to the hem of your dress.

If you’re a tall bride with slender body, this wedding dress style will look good on you.

Trumpet wedding dresses and mermaid wedding dresses are slight variations of fishtail wedding dresses.