wedding dress shopping tips

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you can experience. But it can also be stressful. Here are shopping tips to help you in your journey.

1 – Shop Early 

Experts suggest shopping as early as 10-12 months in advance.

Beautiful take months to be made. It can take up to 10 months sometimes. And you need to consider shipping time.

Don’t think planning ahead is an exaggeration. The earlier, the better.

2 – Think About  Your Budget

It’s easy to get carried away and choose a we love regardless of what’s on the price tag. It’s normal.

But don’t ruin the rest of your wedding preparations by splurging on your wedding dress. Remember there are other wedding essentials you need to spend on.

Having a budget range can also help direct your searches and narrow down your options.

3 – Research

Thankfully, you have the internet as your unlimited source. You can easily go over designs and find information that can give you shopping tips.

At your convenience, you can search for bridal salons and take down their contact information and address.

Before you decide to book an appointment you can already see what kind of dresses they make.

And once you’ve decided, you can book an appointment or ask questions wherever you are at the moment.

4 – Schedule an Appointment at your Bridal Salon

It will be for your advantage if you schedule an appointment before going there. And when you do, discuss important details to them such as the designers or dress types you had in mind.

This will enable them to prepare the dresses to show you and you can both avoid unnecessary waiting time.

wedding dress shopping tips

5 – Bring Your Undergarments and Shoes for the Fitting

Preferably, bring nude panties. And bring the kind of bra you intend to use during your wedding.

You might also want to bring other types of bra (of neutral colors) for the different style of dresses you will try on.

Wedding experts say you can go braless as some dresses or gowns have cups sewn in during alterations.

Also, bring with you shoes of similar height to the actual one you’re going to wear to the wedding. So you could see how the dress looks like with your shoes and vice versa.

6 – Keep in Mind Your Wedding Location and the Season

Are you planning to get married in the Carribean on a summer? Keep this in mind when filtering your search for the perfect wedding dress.

You don’t want to look sweaty on your wedding day.


7 – Take Photos

Ask someone to take photos of you as you try the dresses you have your eye on.

When you’re trying on several dresses, it will be hard to remember all of them and how they looked on you.

Walk back and forth and even spin around to see if you’re comfortable in it or if it fits you perfectly.

8 – Pick Your Entourage Wisely

First, find out the limit of the bridal salon for an entourage.

Pick those who are not only close to you but whom you are most comfortable with. You’ll be spending the day trying on various dresses.

Be with people you can be comfortable enough to dress and undress in front of.

It’s also important that they are patient and positive, and will respect your choice as the bride.