wedding dress shopping etiquette

When you visit a bridal salon, there are some common courtesies that brides should observe. There is such a thing as shopping etiquette.

Bridal salons have ‘rules of etiquette’. If you want to have a pleasant and successful experience, better observe these rules. Here are some of them:

1 – Make an Appointment

Don’t just walk-in to the bridal shop. Call them ahead to schedule an appointment. Book weeks in advance.

Also, give them an idea of the kind of dresses you are eyeing to order.  Especially if you’re looking for plus size or maternity wedding dresses.

They might not have them readily available. Calling them in advance, helps them prepare for your visit.

Knowing some details about what you’re looking for allows them to be ready for you. And you can work together better that way.

2 – Be Considerate of Other Brides

Preparing for your big day naturally brings in a festive mood. But this doesn’t give you an excuse to be rowdy. Especially if you have a big entourage.

Go easy on your comments when you don’t like a dress. You might look behind you and see that the dress you’re roasting is the dress another bride picked.

3 – Be Careful not to Stain the Dresses

Usually, bridal salons have only one sample dress for each design. This means, all the brides coming to the salon are also going to try the dresses you’ve tried out.

The stains often come from the brides’ makeup. Be careful not to stain the dresses when trying them on.

And avoid bringing beverages.

wedding dress shopping etiquette

4 – Be Conscious of the Time 

Show up on time for your appointment. And don’t overstay.

Appointments are usually one hour long.  As you try on dresses, check on your watch from time to time.

You don’t have to decide on a dress within an hour. If you need more time to think things over, schedule another appointment with them.

But don’t go over time. Especially if you haven’t mentally chosen a yet.

5 – Be Honest About Your Budget

Tell the stylist your budget at the onset of the appointment. With this information in mind, your stylist will be able to show you beautiful dresses that are within your budget.

You can both save time going over dresses that is out of your price range.

If there’s a dress that’s slightly above your range, ask the stylist if they’ll have it on sale anytime soon. Who knows, you might be able to get that dress and still stick to your budget.

6 – Avoid Using Your Phone

At least for the duration of your appointment, refrain from talking on the phone, texting, chatting, or sharing on social media.

This is disrespectful to your stylist. Pay attention to your discussion.

After all, the positive result of this appointment is for your benefit.

7 – Don’t Take Dresses Off the Racks

This rule not only applies to brides but to the rest of your entourage as well. Be sure to pass this rule along.

Just politely tell your stylist the type of dress you want, the details you have in mind, the fabric, etc.. It’s their job to recommend dresses for you.