wedding dress mistakes

There are many details to be mindful of when you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress. In the pressure of getting that perfect dress, you might fall into the common mistakes brides make.

Knowing these mistakes gives you a heads up of the things you need to avoid.

These are the mistakes brides fall prey to:

1 – Finding a Dress Too Late

Bridal gowns are made to order. First, the bridal salon needs to get your measurement. Then you make a deposit so they can order the materials and star with the creation process.

When you order the dress with less than six months before your big day, it’s considered a rush order. And they will most likely charge you more.

Experts suggest ordering it 10 months ahead of the big day.

2 – Not Having a Budget

Before you enter bridal salons you should already have a budget or price range in mind. And stick to it.

If you don’t, you might pick a gorgeous dress but end up unhappy because you went overboard on spending.

Remember you have to leave some money for accessories and alteration if needed.

Plus, having a budget can narrow down your options. Don’t try on dresses that are way over your budget.

3 – Not Researching or Looking Around First

When you go to the wedding shop you should already have some idea of the dress styles you want.

Search for different  collections online. Save pictures of the dresses you like. You can make the stylist’s life easier by showing these to them.

Then you won’t have to waste a lot of time looking at all their recommendations.

4 – Not Having an Open Mind

Although you already have dresses in mind, just be open to suggestions and new ideas. Sometimes, the we have in mind doesn’t look flattering on us.

As you find the dresses you like, also listen to the stylist. They are, after all, professionals in this field.

wedding dress mistakes

5 – Bringing a Large Entourage

A bridal appointment is something that you, as the bride should enjoy.

Choose your company carefully. Don’t just invite the first five people who pop in your mind. You should be comfortable with them.

Invite those who are as positive as you are about your wedding. And though they have suggestions, they should be people who can respect what you want.

6 – Going to the Wrong Bridal Boutique

Before you book an appointment at a bridal boutique, make sure they carry the types of dresses you want or need.

If you are looking for maternity wedding dresses, look for a bridal boutique that makes them.

Or if you’re ordering a plus sized wedding dress, book an appointment with a bridal boutique that has them.

7 – Making Hasty Decisions

After trying on a dozen other dresses that don’t look good on you, you might become frustrated and just choose the next one.

Or maybe you are dazzled by the first dress you see and instantly decide it’s the one without trying on more dresses.

Don’t pick a dress right away without giving it much thought.

8 – Not Wearing the Right Lingerie

Experts suggest using nude-colored, strapless underwear so it’s flexible for any type of dress.

Never wear black, neon, or dark-colored underwear on your appointment day.