wedding dress for your shape

There are many beautiful designs in the market. How do you find the best for your shape?

No matter how beautiful a wedding dress may seem, it might not look good on you.

Your wedding dress is probably the most extravagant dress you’ll have.

On your wedding day, you should look your loveliest. So it’s important to find the best wedding dress for your shape.

What kind of body shape you have?

Rectangle Body

Women with rectangular bodies usually have an athletic figure.

Do your shoulders, waist, and hips look in line with each other? Are your hips not well defined?

Don’t worry. There are that can make you look curvy.

The perfect wedding dress for your shape is an A-line dress.

Triangle Body

A triangle body shape is also called pear shape.

Are your hips wider than your shoulders?

The perfect wedding dress for your shape is one that flares and flows from the waist down. A-line, ball gown dresses and umpire dresses are what you should look for.

Avoid dresses that are tight on the waist and hips.

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, consider yourself lucky.

You’ll know if you have an hourglass body shape if your shoulders and hips are about the same size. The best feature in an hourglass-shaped body is their narrow waist.

This is arguably the only body type that can rock a mermaid dress. Other that are perfect for hourglass-shaped bodies are full-skirt, ball gown dresses with a full bodice that sculpts the body.

wedding dress for your shape

Inverted Triangle

If your upper body is wider than the bottom half of your body, your body type is an inverted triangle.

Inverted shoulder body shapes have shoulders that are broader than their waist and hips.

The best wedding dress for your shape is a ball gown, a mermaid or trumpet dress, or a short dress.

Types of

Mermaid Wedding Dress

A mermaid wedding dress hugs the body at the top. It starts flaring out at the knees. It gives off the look of a mermaid or a fish’s tail.

Trumpet Wedding Dress

A trumpet wedding dress may look similar to a mermaid dress. But the difference is with the flare.

For a trumpet dress, the flare begins higher than the knees. And the flare is minimal compared to a mermaid wedding dress.

If you have a pear-shaped body, avoid the trumpet and mermaid style wedding dresses.

Ballgown Wedding Dress

A ballgown wedding dress’ notable characteristic is its long, voluminous skirt.

It typically has a fitted bodice and a skirt that starts at the waist.

Perfect for: pear-shaped or rectangle body shape.

A-line Wedding Dress

An A-line wedding dress’ silhouette looks like the letter A – thus the name.

It fits tightly at the hips and flares from the waistline to the hem.

It’s the ideal wedding dress for your shape if you have a triangle-shaped body.

Column Wedding Dress 

A long, straight dress. It gives an illusion of being taller.

If you’re a petite bride, this wedding dress is perfect for you.