wedding dress fitting

Finding your dream does not end with ordering it. Once your dress is done, you’ll need to have fitting appointments.

When your arrives, there’s a chance it won’t fit you perfectly. Adjustments need to be made until it fits you right.

It usually takes several fittings before your looks perfect on you.

Think of your fitting day as if you’re preparing for your big day. Prepare your make-up, hair, accessories and even your mood.

Here are some tips to make the fitting process easier.

1. Have your Hair and Makeup Done

Have your hair and makeup done before your fitting appointment.

Your hair and makeup is a big detail in your overall look. Having the hair and makeup you intend to have on your wedding day, gives you a glimpse of what you’ll look like on your big day.

2. Bring the Right Undergarments

Bring undergarments of nude colors. Envision the right kind of bra and panties for your dress. If you’re unsure of what will be perfect, bring options.

They have to be comfortable and concealed. If parts of it are peeping out, you’ll need to change it.

The right undergarments are not limited to bra and panties. It also includes body shapers.

3. Tights Can Do Wonders

Wedding pros recommend wearing tights under your dress. But not just any tights. They should be those that promote circulation and make your legs slimmer.

Wear these tights on your fitting day to make sure they’re not visible or that they don’t draw attention.

4. Bridal Shoes

Your bridal shoes make a lot of difference. It will determine if the length of your is already perfect or if the hem needs some adjustment.

5. Accessories

To complete your look for your wedding day, you’ll need to bring your accessories too. Who knows? The earrings you thought would be perfect are actually too small when worn with your wedding dress.

wedding dress fitting

6. Schedule it Like Your Wedding

If your wedding is in the morning, book an appointment in the morning. If it’s in the evening, book the fitting as late as possible.

It may sound too much but scheduling the fitting at a similar time, allows you to envision how it will look like on your big day.

7. Take Photos

Simply looking at yourself in the mirror will not help you remember what you looked like during the fitting.

Having photos allow you to review what you looked like with your wedding dress, complete with your hair, makeup, and accessories.

8. Say It

If you think there is any part about your wedding dress that you’re not satisfied about, say it.

Fittings are there for this reason. This is your chance to fix or make changes on your wedding dress so it can be perfect for your big day.

9. Bustle 

If your wedding dress needs to be bustled, see how it should be done.

The person you’ve chosen to help you bustle your wedding dress so the seamstress can show you how to hook them together or how the ribbons work.

10. Check for Comfort

Make sure your wedding dress is comfortable. You’ll be wearing your dress for long hours on your big day.

Walk around in your dress. Sit. Stand. Spin around.

Make sure your dress won’t stop you from having fun on your big day.