maternity wedding dress

Gone are the days when getting married while expecting is quite a secret. Today there are many maternity openly sold in the market.

And you won’t have to look like you’re expecting at all.

Getting married when you’re pregnant is twice the excitement. But it can be twice the headache too.

No matter how excited you are, planning your wedding can be tedious and stressful. Factor in morning sickness and all the discomfort that goes with pregnancy.

There are so many details to think about.  And finding a perfect maternity is a top priority.

Fortunately, there are now many options for maternity wedding dresses.

Being pregnant doesn’t have to stop you from looking your best on your big day. It’s also important you find a dress that’s comfortable for you to wear.

If you are looking for a maternity wedding dress, here are some great tips.

1 – Find a Bridal Salon

Find a bridal salon that has maternity wedding dresses. Then make an appointment.

Tell them you’re looking for a maternity wedding dress. And let them know about your preferences.

So when you show up for your appointment, they already have the dresses with your specifications ready for you.

2 – Look Into Empire

Empire are a popular choice for expectant brides. They are tight under your bust, giving off a slim illusion. Then it flows loosely to the rest of your body.

This is the ideal dress for pregnant women who don’t want to expose their baby bump yet.

3 – Check Out A-Line Wedding Dresses

A-line wedding dresses are another maternity favorite. They flow freely and look flattering on pregnant brides.

4 – Flaunt it

If you want to show off your baby bump, tell the wedding salon so they can show you dresses that will play the part.

5 – Predict Size Changes

When you order your wedding dress, it takes a few months until you can get it. It may take as long as six months depending on the design.

For every month that passes, your belly and your entire body will also be bigger.

Experts suggest adding an inch for your measurements every month until the wedding day.

maternity wedding dress

6 – Choose the Right Materials

Look for materials that are soft and comfortable. What’s important is it doesn’t constrict your bump.

Chiffon and organza are the kind of fabric that flows gently. And they don’t hug your body tightly.

7 – Highlight Your Shoulders and Neckline

Find dresses that flaunt your shoulders and neckline. This will look flattering on you.

8 – Avoid Dresses with Tight Bodice

They will make you feel uncomfortable.

9 – Choose the Right Shoes

Your overall look won’t be complete without your shoes. As you choose pretty and stylish shoes, also make sure they’re comfortable with ample support.

10 – When All Else Fails

There are times when you’ve done everything in the tips mentioned above and still you couldn’t fit into your dress when it arrives.  Don’t worry.

You can ask a seamstress to add a large panel over the zipper. Then use a corset to secure the dress.