find the perfect wedding dress

How do you find the perfect wedding dress?

They say women grow up fantasizing about their big day. So you probably already have an idea of your ideal wedding dress.

But when you’re looking at many pretty dresses, it’s easy to get lost among your options.

Here are some tips you can use when you’re trying to find the perfect wedding dress.

1 – Search for Suggestions

The internet is full of collections.

Experts suggest looking at Pinterest. They say it’s one of the best design catalogs you can look at.

Visualizing the kind of wedding dresses you like can greatly help your search process.

By the time you book an appointment at a bridal salon, you already know what to tell them.

2 – Don’t Forget the Location 

Your should be in line with your wedding’s venue.

Maybe your is a grand ballgown but you plan to get married by the beach.

You might want to reconsider your ideal dress.

3 – Start Early

Ideally, you should start ordering your wedding dress at least six months away from your wedding.

If you wait ’til later, you might incur extra costs for a rush order and you’ll have fewer options.

If your idea of a perfect wedding dress involves intricate beadwork or has a tedious design, book for an appointment nine months ahead.

4 – Say what you want

As long as you say it nicely, there’s nothing wrong with this. You might not find the perfect wedding dress you had in mind if you don’t say exactly what you want.

If you have a certain design or material in mind, tell the stylist.

If you find a dress that’s almost perfect except for one detail, let the stylist know. Just don’t be bossy.

If you’re not being specific about what you want, you might regret it.

find the perfect wedding dress

5 – Try All Types of Wedding Dresses

Although you already have a few designs in mind, it’s still worth trying other wedding dress styles.

Who knows? You might discover a new where you look better than what you originally planned.

Walk with it. Spin around. See if it’s comfortable enough to dance in it.

6 – Take Photos

While you try on different dresses, take photos of each dress from different angles.

Having photos allow you to see the dresses from a different perspective. The dresses look different in the photos than when looking at yourself in the mirror.

7 – Know Your Body Type 

There are certain types of dresses that flatter our figure no matter what it may be – pear-shaped, triangle, rectangle, hourglass, etc…

So knowing your body type is a good way of narrowing down your options.

But it’s not a hard and fast rule. Just be open to trying on various dresses. Even those that websites say might not be for you.

8 – Don’t Look Back

Once you’ve decided on a dress, don’t look back on other dresses you’ve tried. Don’t ask yourself did I really make the right choice? You did!

And stop looking at new designs.